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Amazing Heroes Rescue Injured Street Dog Near Death (VIDEO)

Get out the tissues. This may be the most emotional video we’ve seen all week.

The amazing heroes of Animal Aid Unlimited recently rescued an injured street dog who was discovered near-death with an infected ear wound. Turns out, a fight with another stray street dog had resulted in the injury, and the length of time it went untreated caused the ear to become necrotic due to infection. To put it simply, this dog wasn’t very far from death when he was found, and this story could have had a much sadder ending. However, thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited, the story has a brighter resolution. Seeing the before and after for this dog is literally like night and day. The old pooch is still gaunt, and he appears to be on a long road to recovery. But he at least seems happy to be free of the rough street living to which he’d been subjected. This is a heartwarming video, to say the least. Watch the video below:

Amazing Heroes Rescue Injured Street Dog Near Death (VIDEO)

You can learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited, and even donate to their awesome organization, by checking out their official website. It’s a great cause that’s well worth your attention.

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