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Amazing Amy Vachal Wows Coaches With ‘To Make You Feel My Love’ on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

Amy Vachal sang “To Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan on The Voice 9 Semi-Final for Team Adam Levine on Monday, December 7, 2015!

This is a scaled-back, low-key performance, with just Amy, her guitar, and two guitarists on either side of her. Oh, and a ceiling full of upside down umbrellas. If nothing else, it’s a striking visual. And it doesn’t distract from Amy’s wonderful vocal. I was worried this might have been too restrained, especially considering what came before for Amy. But I thought this was a gorgeous, beautifully-measured performance, and one of the strongest vocals of the night in its passion and nuance. I loved this, and I’ll be up in arms if Amy doesn’t make it to the finale, after that. Watch the performance video below:

Amazing Amy Vachal Wows Coaches With 'To Make You Feel My Love' on The Voice 9 (VIDEO)

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