Amanda Bynes Is Unrecognizable In Rare Public Appearance (PHOTOS)

Amanda Bynes is unrecognizable…in a good way! Gone is the hot-mess Amanda who wore multicolored wigs and looked strung out all the time.

“>Us Weekly reports that Amanda Bynes made a rare public appearance to celebrate the launch of Michael Costello and Style PR’s capsule collection in Los Angeles on Thursday night. The 29-year-old looked great in her white dress, sunglasses and stiletto heels. In addition, she sported a blonde hairdo, and an actual SMILE! She looked healthy, which is very encouraging.

While at the celebration, Bynes reportedly rubbed the belly of pregnant TV host Diana Madison. She was overheard saying, “Oh, my sister is about to give birth in a week! She’s having a baby girl.” So it looks like she’s certainly got a lot to be happy about — which is really great to hear, considering all she’s been through, between legal issues and hospitalization, in addition to being detained on a temporary psychiatric hold. These issues have prevented her from appearing on a red carpet since the MTV Movie Awards in 2011. No word on if she plans to resume her career, or if she even can, at this point. A lot of damage has been done to her rep. But we’re hoping she can bounce back and pick up where she left off, whether it’s in film or on TV.

Check out the photos below via Us Weekly:

Amanda Bynes happy, healthy, blonde

Amanda Bynes rare public appearance

Amanda Bynes Is Unrecognizable In Rare Public Appearance (PHOTOS)

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And for more on her past situation, read up on the outrageous claims she made against her father in October of last year. Because claiming your father put a microchip in your brain is surprising even for Hollywood.

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