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All Six Groups on ‘The X Factor UK 2015’ Have Changed Their Names, For Some Reason

The X Factor UK is no real stranger to name changes, whether it’s Rhythmix becoming Little Mix back in Season 8, or Overload becoming Overload Generation just last year. Hell, this even extends to The X Factor USA, when Fifth Harmony went through two separate name changes before allowing fans to pick the name they now use.

But we’ve never had every group in the competition change its name. However, that’s exactly what appears to have happened for this season, as the six groups Cheryl Fernandez-Versini took to Judges’ Houses each have new names, some close to the original and others wildly different.

All Six Groups on 'The X Factor UK 2015' Have Changed Their Names, For Some Reason

Credit: ITV

Without further adieu, here are the new names for each of the groups via RadioTimes:

4th Power Becomes 4th Impact

4th Power Becomes 4th Impact

Alien Becomes Alien Uncovered

Alien Becomes Alien Uncovered

BEKLN Becomes BEKLN Mile

BEKLN becomes BEKLN Mile

Silver Tone Becomes Melody Stone

Silver Tone Becomes Melody Stone

The First Kings Becomes New Kings Order

The First Kings Become New Kings Order

Menn On Point Becomes Reggie n Bollie

Menn on Point Becomes Reggin n Bollie

No word on why these name changes occurred, although I would imagine it’s for the same copyright reasons that caused Little Mix and Kingsland Road to change their names in the competition. Still, it’s unheard of for every group in the competition to undergo a name change. I guess what’s galling about it is just how bad these changes are. Little Mix was a better name than Rhythmix, and Fifth Harmony was a far better name than 1432. But every single one of these changes are worse than the original name. BEKLN Mile? What does that even MEAN? Melody Stone? New Kings Order? Alien Uncovered? That sounds like a documentary that goes behind the scenes to find out what it’s like to be in Alien. Hell, the only people who come out of this sounding somewhat normal are 4th Impact and Reggie n Bollie. And even then, it’s largely by default. I get that there are sometimes reasons for why a group has to change its name, but I really don’t know why the changes have to be so unnatural and awkward-sounding.

But what do you think of the group name changes? Sound off in the comments!

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