Alisan Porter Inspires With ‘Down That Road’ Official Music Video

Alisan Porter has released her first official music video for her single, “Down That Road”! Alisan co-wrote the song and debuted it on The Voice 2016 Live Finale on Monday, May 23, 2016 for Team Christina Aguilera!

I think Alisan has been one of the more inspirational contestants the show has ever had, as she’s been very open with her struggles with addiction. This song reads as a statement of strength, noting the liberation that comes with overcoming difficulties one encounters along the road to recovery. It’s also a great song that sounds ready-made for country radio. I could easily see this being a hit, and it’s already one of the best original songs this show has ever produced, which is all the more impressive when you consider that, much like this season’s other originals, the artist wrote the song herself (alongside llisey Juber & Ely Rise). Watch the music video and the “Making Of” below:

Alisan Porter Inspires With 'Down That Road' Official Music Video

Download: Alisan Porter, “Down That Road”

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