Alberto Del Rio Reveals ‘One of the Main Reasons’ He Left WWE

Alberto Del Rio is only four months removed from leaving WWE, believe it or not. And since then, it’s not as if the former world champion has been silent about his departure. After all, he didn’t stay quiet about the Wellness Policy violation that preceded his release from the company. However, Del Rio is finally getting into specifics about why he chose to leave WWE. And yes, it was his choice, apparently.

In a recent interview with KENS 5 to promote his new San Antonio-based restaurant, Del Rio explained that it all came down to a matter of control. Namely, he didn’t have a whole lot of it.

“That was one of the main reasons why I decided to leave that company, it was my decision not to work for WWE. I’m always gonna be grateful with that company because they put me out there, they gave me a name, they gave me the opportunity to show my talent to the world. And because of that I am always going to be grateful. But it was time for me to just enjoy my family, start new projects like this one. I’m the President of Combate Americas which is the first American-Hispanic MMA company in history. We’re doing great things out there. We’re working with our business partners in Mexico and they’re helping us to make this company something spectacular. I’m doing doing a lot of projects that I could not have done in WWE, but now I’m doing them, and I’m just happy I get to see my kids everyday. And that makes me the happiest man in the world.”

Alberto Del Rio Reveals 'One of the Main Reasons' He Left WWE

Source: YouTube

As for his role on Total Divas, Del Rio didn’t seem too phased about still being used in advertisements, even though he’s technically no longer part of the show. That said, his girlfriend, Paige, is still under contract to WWE, and will continue to be a part of the new season of Total Divas.

“I’m not gonna be there, they’re just gonna be promoting me because they know everybody wants to know about [our relationship]. Especially because I never — I mean in the past I was never putting my life out there for the people to see it. This is the first time people get to know about me. Yeah, they’re gonna get to see me for just two or three seconds. They’re not allowed to use my image or voice — you’re gonna get to see me for just four or five seconds.”

On the subject of Paige, who recently proposed to Del Rio in mid-ring at WWC Aniversario 43 in Puerto Rico last month, Del Rio is confident that rumors of a possible WWE departure have been blown out of proportion.

“You’ll be seeing my girlfriend Paige doing all of her stuff. They’re gonna get to enjoy her for many, many more years. She’s gonna continue wrestling for all of those people wondering if she is gonna go back to the ring one day. Yes she will. She had surgery just three weeks ago but she’s just doing what she’s supposed to do in order to get back into the ring.”

On the one hand, I don’t doubt that Del Rio is confident in Paige’s ability to return from injury and become a key asset to the women’s division. However, I don’t think it’s crazy to imagine she might get fired or released, considering she’s violated wellness twice, and got buried by WWE in a public statement for allegedly lying about her drug test on social media. Still, I don’t think her issues with WWE are impossible to come back from, and I think Del Rio giving such a classy interview could actually help Paige’s cause. He expressed appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities WWE provided him, and detailed the issues he had with the company without openly burying anybody. It’s a real lesson in PR that I think a lot of former WWE talents could stand to learn from, rather than burning a bridge just to get that shoot interview money.

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