Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Decided To Leave WWE Before Suspension

Alberto Del Rio is done with WWE after a second run proved to be relatively uneventful, outside of his suspension for violating the Wellness Policy. However, as it turns out, Del Rio made the decision to leave long before he ever got popped for the drug test violation.

According to sources for Wrestling Inc., the former WWE champ informed the company that he was choosing to opt out of his contract a full 60 days ago, long before his August 17th suspension. He notified the company through his lawyer, supposedly having grown tired of WWE’s lack of creative direction for him. The timing really does lead one to wonder if WWE was striking back against Del Rio when they chose to separate him from his girlfriend, two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige, in the WWE Draft. Granted, Del Rio wasn’t going to be around much longer anyway, but you’d think WWE could just let him remain on the same brand with his girlfriend so they could be on the road together.

Even if they weren’t happy about having paid Del Rio all that money to come back only for him to leave by the end of the first year on his new contract, it’s their own fault for 1) not really doing anything with the guy, and 2) building an out clause into the contract in the first place. Don’t give the guy the option of terminating his contract early, and then get miffed when he goes and does it. Of course, this is all supposing that WWE is actually being vindictive about Del Rio choosing to leave. I wouldn’t necessarily put it past them, considering this is the same company that terminated CM Punk’s contract on his wedding day, and publicly announced Paige’s suspension on her birthday.

With that having been said, I can’t really say I’ll miss Del Rio at all. He just didn’t bring any fire on this run, and I think he might have been treated better by the creative team if he had. Either way, he’s free to work wherever he wants at the end of September, so if he does decide to stay in wrestling, I hope he goes back to AAA or Lucha Underground, because he did some of the best work of his career in those promotions after leaving WWE the first time. Del Rio does have talent, but it seems clear now that Del Rio and WWE are just oil and water. They’re never going to be high on him, and he’s never going to be satisfied with their plans. But hey, at least he got a big money contract for a year.

Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Decided To Leave WWE Before Suspension

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