Alberto Del Rio Replacing Randy Orton on WWE European Tour

In a shocking return at WWE Hell In a Cell this past Sunday, Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE after over a year away from the company following a physical altercation with a production employee who made a racist joke towards the former world champion. Del Rio would go on to win the United States championship from John Cena, making a big splash in his first match back. And, apparently, Del Rio’s return couldn’t have come at a better time, since WWE is strapped for stars at the moment. This is why Del Rio has just landed a spot on one of WWE’s most lucrative annual tours.

Del Rio will be replacing the injured Randy Orton for several dates on the WWE European tour next month. Orton is currently sidelined with a severe shoulder injury, which was aggravated after the former champion strained an old injury while taking out the trash. This injury came at a time where WWE is losing its most bankable star, as John Cena is off on hiatus for the next 6-8 weeks for a FOX reality show. It’s unknown when, exactly, Orton will be back, since the severity of his shoulder injury isn’t known just yet. If he needs surgery, there’s no telling when he’ll return. And considering the chronic nature of his various shoulder injuries over the years, in both 2002 and 2006, it might be a question of if he’ll even return. As for Del Rio, he’s working a special schedule for WWE, as part of his deal for return stipulated a lighter schedule and a more lucrative downside guarantee. So, in addition to an already bankable contract, Del Rio will be adding some profitable dates to his schedule.

Alberto Del Rio Replacing WWE Star Randy Orton on European Tour

Credit: WWE

From a certain perspective, you could probably argue whether or not Del Rio’s return is a good thing. But for right now, WWE needs all the stars they can get. And, in WWE’s mind, Del Rio is a big star. Hell, they did their damndest to make sure of it. Knowing how badly they’re clamoring for a new Latino star to replace Rey Mysterio, they’re likely to push him again.

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