Alberto Del Rio Released From WWE

Former world champion Alberto Del Rio is finished with WWE. Again.

Del Rio was serving a 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy, had been pulled from all upcoming shows, even ones taking place after his 30-day suspension would have been up.

His departure isn’t really all that shocking, considering reports that he had an out clause in his contract that he could have utilized in September. But it appears, according to the Observer, that the WWE and Del Rio were able to come to terms on a release, which is probably as amicable a split as this was ever going to be. The details via Wrestling Observer:

Alberto Del Rio Released From WWE

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Jose Alberto Rodriguez, better known as Alberto Del Rio, will not be returning to WWE after the conclusion of his 30-day suspension for a wellness test violation.

WWE may make the announcement shortly, but Rodriguez being removed from all house shows he had been advertised for, even after his suspension was over, was WWE’s indication that he is leaving.

Sources say he and WWE have come to terms on a release, leaving him free to work in Mexico and internationally imminently. He would also be free to work in the U.S. in a few weeks.

The Wrestling Observer had reported for some time that issues with Rodriguez and WWE stemmed from creative problems, and that the chances were solid that he may leave the promotion. It was considered likely last week and now, it is said to be a done deal.

Apparently, Del Rio was promised a main event push, but that never came to pass after signing his big money contract to come back last October. By now, Del Rio has probably had his fill of backstage politics over the course of his two stints in WWE. The first led to his release two years ago, as he slapped a backstage employee for making a racist remark. The second instance involved him being separated from girlfriend Paige in the WWE draft in July, which reportedly left Del Rio fuming. Of course, it ended up being a bit of a moot point, as Paige ended up being suspended simultaneously with Del Rio for violating the Wellness Policy, although Meltzer’s sources claim they were popped for different substances

Honestly, I think it was time for Del Rio to cut bait. It was clear that his heart just wasn’t in it on this run. He showed immense passion after his first departure from WWE, turning in solid work in AAA and Lucha Underground. But his latest WWE run was pretty bland, although booking had a lot to do with it, to be fair. Hopefully, Del Rio can recharge his batteries and rediscover his love for wrestling outside the WWE machine. And if Paige ends up leaving too…well, she had a good run. In a way, she’d become the new AJ Lee, leaving the company after multiple title reigns in order to be with the man she loves, while also finding a life outside wrestling. Ultimately, this could be good for both of them, if the WWE atmosphere is really that toxic to them.

But what do you think? Will Alberto Del Rio be missed? What about Paige? Sound off in the comments!

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