‘Agents of SHIELD’ Cast Teams With Supergirl Melissa Benoist to Battle ‘Agent Carter’ in Dubsmash War

Last week, the cast of Agent Carter cast played dirty in their ongoing charity dubsmash war with Agents of SHIELD, using Stan Lee against their enemies.

This week, in response, SHIELD asked their rivals: “Why can’t we be friends?”

Agents of SHIELD Agent Carter Dubsmash Supergirl Melissa Benoist

Credit: Image Capture

To perform the dubsmash and send their message of love, Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) and Chloe Bennett (Skye) were joined by CBS’ Supergirl Melissa Benoist as well as Batman and Deapool. Just not the Batman and Deadpool.

To watch the video and vote for your favorite team, visit the official CrowdRise page.

Agent Carter is currently in the lead, but there’s still another round to go and plenty of more prizes to be given away to those who donate.

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