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Adorable Yellow Lab Just Might Be World’s Quirkiest Dog (VIDEO)

Meet Stella. Stella, as you can see, is a perfectly adorable yellow lab with a penchant for quirkiness. In fact, this cutie just might be the world’s quirkiest dog, judging by what an average day of her life looks like.

In this video, we see Stella utilize “dog brakes” in order to cool down her belly on the grass after she’s been playing. According to her owners, she’s been tested for EIC, and suffers from no adverse medical issues whatsoever, meaning the only explanation is that Stella is just plain quirky. But it’s rare that anyone (human or animal) can make quirk look this cute. Not even Zooey Deschanel, man. So have fun with Stella and all her quirky goodness by watching the full video below:

Adorable Yellow Lab Just Might Be World's Quirkiest Dog (VIDEO)

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