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Adorable Wolf Dog Loves Nothing More Than a Good Belly Rub (VIDEO)

Humans might not necessarily be crazy about belly rubs, but what dog doesn’t love to get a good pat on the tummy? It’s one of the biggest cliches about dogs, but for a very good reason: in a lot of cases, it’s true.

In this video, an adorable wolf dog named Lakomi is on cloud nine as she gets a comforting belly rub. And, naturally, this is a dog that deserves a little comfort. At just eight-months-old, Lakomi was found wandering alone in the woods, scared out of her mind, and injured as the result of a harness that had become embedded in her flesh (apparently, Lakomi had been partially raised in captivity for those eight months). Despite initially being an antisocial pup, Lakomi began to warm up to humans, becoming a warm and loving dog. Today, she’s like an entirely new dog — one who not only allows her humans to get close, but who loves nothing more than a good belly rub. Watch the precious video below:

Adorable Wolf Dog Loves Nothing More Than a Good Belly Rub (VIDEO)

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