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Adorable Wolf Dog Baffled By Leaf Blower – Slow Motion Cuteness! (VIDEO)

Few things are as joyful as watching a dog be a goof. Seriously, there’s a reason Disney made Goofy a dog. And the adorable quality of that silliness translates to real life, particularly when gardening tools get involved.

Michoone, a stunningly cute hybrid between a wolf and a dog, discovers the joys of leaf blowers in this wonderfully ridiculous video. Or maybe it’s the annoyance of leaf blowers, because the dog seems to be having a hard time solving this thing, only just realizing that she can’t actually bite the air. Either way, the cuteness quotient is increased tenfold by the inclusion of slow motion. This is just so delightfully absurd that I almost want to stick my face in front of a leaf blower myself. Ah, the simple things in life. Watch the full video below:

Source: Wolf-dog hybrid fascinated with leaf blower by trishwoz on Rumble

Adorable Wolf Dog Has a Blast With a Leaf Blower - Slow Motion Cuteness! (VIDEO)

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