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Adorable Trio of Abandoned Dogs Rescued From Streets (VIDEO)

Hope For Paws is at it again, rescuing abandoned dogs and helping them find their happy ending! The Los Angeles-based non-profit animal rescue organization stepped in to help this trio of adorable dogs who were abandoned on the streets of LA.

In this video, we see the condition in which the dogs were found, alone on the street with little more than a bag of bread left behind by whomever abandoned them. The group had to be lured out one-by-one, as the dogs lacked trust in the Hope for Paws representative. Once they received the medical care they needed, Dee-Dee, Charlie, and Nessie joined the Shelter Hope Pet Shop, where they now await adoption. To adopt the dogs, visit the shelter’s official website here. And to donate to Hope for Paws so they can help more dogs like these three, visit their official donation page! Oh, and to witness Dee-Dee, Charlie and Nessie’s journey from homelessness to health, watch the video below:

Adorable Trio of Abandoned Dogs Rescued From Streets (VIDEO)

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