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Adorable Stray Dogs Get Fitted for Reflective Collars In India (VIDEO)

India is home to an estimated 30 million stray dogs, as its streets are teeming with homeless animals. Sadly, this ends with many of these dogs being run over and killed by cars. However, while the stray dog epidemic might be beyond the abilities of one group to solve, protecting the dogs from becoming roadkill isn’t.

In this video, we see adorable stray dogs being fitted for reflective collars by a non-profit organization called Motopaws. The group’s mission is to fit as many of these reflective collars — made from donated denim — to as many dogs as possible, so motorists see the dogs before it’s too late. After all, a set of headlights really shouldn’t be the last thing a dog sees in his or her life. With that said, the stray dog problem is still wildly out of control in India. Here’s hoping some sort of initiative is put in place to see more dogs taken off the street and placed into decent homes. Until then, good on Motopaws for doing what they can to help save animal lives. Watch the full video below:

Adorable Stray Dogs Get Fitted for Reflective Collars In India (VIDEO)

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