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Adorable Stray Dog Finds the Loving Help He Deserves (VIDEO)

Animals deserve love and a good home, but not every animal is so lucky. Some dogs struggle to find anyone willing to care for them — which is why it’s so heartening to see a dog granted the love and affection they’ve wanted for so long, even if just temporarily.

In this video, we see the story of an injured, stray dog rescued by the nonprofit organization Howl Of A Dog. The adorable pooch, found roaming the streets of Romania, had a severely injured paw and a deep cut on his tongue. The dog, named Amigo, was promptly taken to safety and nursed back to health, receiving the love and care he deserves. If you would like to adopt Amigo, please email How Of a Dog here. And if you’d like to support this terrific animal rescue charity by making a donation, click here. Finally, to witness Amigo’s amazing, heartwarming story, watch the video below:

Adorable Stray Dog Finds the Loving Help He Deserves (VIDEO)

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