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Adorable Siberian Husky Bonds With 7-Month-Old Baby (VIDEO)

Although dogs can be jealous types when it comes to new babies being introduced to a household, some babies and dogs get along famously. You know, like these two.

In this video, an adorable Siberian Husky bonds with a similarly precious 7-month-old baby. It looks like these two are having a grand old time, rolling around on the carpet and generally just getting silly. It’s not just a cute little family moment, it’s a fun look into playtime between a gentle giant and a lovable baby. Hopefully, this is the start of a beautiful, lifelong friendship. At the very least, it’s a friendship that can last long enough for some playtime fun! Watch the full video below:

Adorable Siberian Husky Bonds With 7-Month-Old Baby (VIDEO)

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