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Adorable Siberian Husky Begs Owner For Chicken (VIDEO)

One of the big rules with dogs usually tends to be that if you don’t plan on sharing with a dog, it’s probably best not to eat right in front of them. It’s a rule that is by no means universal, since there are plenty of dogs who are well-trained enough to watch their owners eat without pitching a fit. But not all dogs are as well-adjusted, to say the least.

In this video, we meet an adorable Siberian Husky who wants nothing more than to eat a bowlful of chicken. But his master is taking forever to remove the chicken from the bones. And so the husky decides to throw a bit of a temper tantrum, growling and howling and, somehow, sounding like a motorcycle in the process! It’s kind of crazy, actually. But it’s worth the wait, as the dog gets one hell of a feast when it’s all said and done! Watch the super cute video below:

Adorable Siberian Husky Begs Owner For Chicken (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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