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Adorable Rottweiler Meets Husky Puppies – And More! (VIDEO)

Dogs love making new friends, even if the dog in question is considerably older than the dogs he’s meeting.

In this video, we meet a rottweiler named Brutus Maximus, who encounters two husky puppies named Cocoa and Ace. He then meets Ella, a rottweiler puppy, with whom he instantly falls in love (according to his owner, in the video description). Although little Ella seems shy at first, she opens up to Brutus soon enough. By the same token, Brutus and the husky puppies take a few moments to adjust to one another’s presence, but eventually come around on each other. This is just such a cute encounter, and Brutus seems like a total sweetheart. You can watch the video below:

Adorable Rottweiler Meets Husky Puppies - And More! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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