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Adorable Rescue Dog Without Vocal Chords Finally Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

Marshall is an adorable rescue dog who’s as normal as any other dog, save for one distinctive feature: he was cruelly “debarked” by a previous owner. Yes, the poor pooch’s vocal chords were removed. Apparently, this Airedale terrier was initially brought to the United States from Ukraine in order to be a stud for breeding show dogs, but a genetic eye condition prevented him from being used for that purpose. This resulted in Marshall being shuffled from one home to another, until sadly ending up with the owners who had his vocal chords removed.

But in this video, we see that things have finally taken a turn for the better for Marshall. At long last, the mistreated dog has found his forever home with a man named J. Wagner. And he’s not the only dog in the house! Marshall looks overjoyed to be in a loving home, and even happier to be told it’s dinner time. Sadly, the lack of vocal chords means his bark comes out as a sort of dry, wheezing shout. But you’d never think it was a problem from how happy Marshall seems. It’s definitely sad Marshall’s voice was cruelly taken from him, but it’s uplifting to see him finally receive the love he deserves. Watch the video below:

Adorable Rescue Dog Without Vocal Chords Finally Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

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