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Adorable Puppy Meets Baby Goat for First Time (VIDEO)

You probably wouldn’t expect a Golden Retriever puppy to have any meaningful similarities with a baby goat, yet here we are. Not only do these two sort of look like siblings, they’re already bonding like siblings too…which is to say, they’re at-odds just like a big brother/little brother would be!

In this video, an adorable four-month-old puppy tries to get a four-day-old baby goat to play with him. But some things are easier said than done. I can certainly understand why the tiny goat would be scared by the much larger dog, even if the dog has a dopey, lovable energy about him. A bigger dog might not know his own strength, or how intimidating he can be to someone smaller. Still, it’s as if the puppy is begging the goat, “Come on, play with me!” Ah well, maybe next time, dawg. You can watch the cute video below:

Adorable Puppy Meets Baby Goat for First Time (VIDEO)

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