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Adorable Puppies Named for Heroic Fallen Police Officers (VIDEO)

Although it’s usually a joyous occasion when puppies are born, it can sometimes be cause for solemn reflection, particularly when the puppies in question conjure memories of the heroic fallen. But it can make their birth all the more poignant.

In this video, we meet Tracey McMenamy, an Operation Paws for Homes foster parent and wife to a police officer. In this year alone, 16 officers have been killed in the line of duty, and it causes her to fear for her husband’s safety every single day. However, dogs often comfort her and provide a source of relief from the stresses of her worrying. Still, it’s hard to forget about all the people who’ve lost their lives while serving and protecting their community. So Tracey saw fit to name each new puppy in a litter after the heroic fallen officers who, sadly, won’t be coming home again. In each adorable puppy, some part of these lost heroes live on. Watch the touching video below:

Adorable Puppies Named for Heroic Fallen Officers (VIDEO)

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