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Adorable Pug Is Scared of Moving Bath Toy (VIDEO)

What happens when a pug discovers that a toy can seemingly have a life of its own? Well, this video looks to answer that difficult question by showing us how Nao the Pug reacts to a toy that appears to come to life before her very eyes.

This adorable pug is already weirded out by this plastic swimmer bath toy. But once she finds out it can actually move? The poor pooch is positively spooked, in the most hilarious way possible. She darts in and out and back and forth, as if trying to attack the little trinket. Or, rather, defend herself from it. And this continues on and on, with Nao never really getting over that initial shock of movement. This pug is downright precious, and she has all our kudos for finding the bravery to face her fears head-on! Watch the cute video below:

Adorable Pug Is Positively Spooked by Bath Toy (VIDEO)

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