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Adorable Pomeranian Pups Greet Owner With Fuzzy Hugs (VIDEO)

Pomeranian puppies are cute — and also incredibly fluffy and fuzzy! Just one Pomeranian is a poofy explosion of fur and friendliness. So imagine getting a whole group of them, and having them all swarm you at once!

That’s exactly what happened to this woman, who owns a whole litter of Pomeranians. Upon returning home after several weeks away, she was basically attacked by the cutest stampede this side of that one time a group of overprotective Golden Retrievers swam after their owner to keep him safe. It’s a dream come true for anyone who likes fluffy puppies, and I get the feeling this is the type of thing people might actually pay to have happen to them. Seriously, it looks like the lady is being covered in a living blanket! Watch the absolutely adorable video below:

Adorable Pomeranian Pups Greet Owner With Fuzzy Hugs (VIDEO)

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