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Adorable Pit Bulls Play Together – No Fighting! (VIDEO)

Pit bulls get a bad rap for being overly aggressive. But a lot of it comes down to training. Case in point, a well-trained group of pit bulls can play together without getting into an all-out brawl, as we see here.

In this video, we meet a group of pit bulls who were raised by a pit bull enthusiast who wants the world to know that socializing your dogs can curb bad behavior. He notes, in the video description, that it doesn’t matter if your dog is 10 pounds or 150 pounds as long as you get your dogs acclimated to being around other dogs. I’ve seen children who didn’t get along as nicely as these pit bulls. Sure, these dogs roughhouse a little, but it’s all in good fun, and it never gets out of hand. These dogs are super cute, and their adorable way of playing around with each other proves that pit bulls are every bit as lovable as any other breed of dog. Watch the video below:

Adorable Pit Bulls Play Together - No Fighting! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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