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Adorable Pit Bull Not Fooled By Veggie Treat (VIDEO)

When a person loves someone who doesn’t want to eat particularly well, they’ll sometimes try and sneak some nutrition into their diet. Sometimes, they happily eat the secretly nutritious food without being any the wiser. Other times…well, not so much.

In this video, a dog owner tries to trick an adorable pit bull into eating vegetables by sneaking a piece of broccoli into the dog’s treats. It’s a noble attempt to get a little more nutrition into the diet of a picky dog. But the lovable pit bull just isn’t having it. You can trick a dog some of the time, but there are simply some dogs who don’t like being jerked around when it comes to their food. I guess the owner will have to be a little bit sneakier next time! Watch the video below:

Adorable Pit Bull Not Fooled By Veggie Treat (VIDEO)

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