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Adorable Monkey Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness. For many, the holiday means spending time with family and friends, reminiscing about old times, looking ahead to the future…and eating a lot of really good food! Well, the same is true of our animal friends.

In this video, Boo the Capuchin Monkey enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with his caretaker. And it’s not just dinner, it’s a veritable feast, as Boo gets a plate filled with turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts, green beans, sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. There are some people who don’t even eat this well on Thanksgiving. Boo is downright adorable while his chowing down, which isn’t really much of a change from how cute he is the rest of the time. Watch the video below:

Adorable Monkey Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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