Adorable Maltese Puppy Takes A Bath - What a Cutie! (VIDEO)

It's puppy bath time once again! This time, it's a Maltese taking a dip, and the video is exactly as cute as you'd think it'd be.

The eight-week-old Maltese is super tiny, but also incredibly well-behaved. None of the temper tantrums we usually see with doggy bath time videos. This dog is an absolute cutie, and doesn't seem to mind getting scrubbed all that much. If anything, the dog seems to enjoy it. The little pup just looks so relaxed, at least in comparison to some other dogs I've seen, who are either afraid of the water or just plain uncomfortable with baths in the first place. Ah well, cheers to this adorable Maltese, who seems to get that baths are a necessity of life. Watch the video below:

Adorable Maltese Puppy Takes A Bath - What a Cutie! (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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