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Adorable Little Dog Rescued From Streets – Watch Her Amazing Transformation! (VIDEO)

One of the bigger tragedies in the animal world right now is the sheer number of homeless dogs roaming streets across the world. Many of these dogs lack the nourishment and medical care necessary to survive, to say nothing of the lack of love and affection a dog gets from a forever home. But not all dogs lose their lives on the street.

In this video, we meet Minnie, an adorable little dog rescued from the streets of Romania by the nonprofit animal rescue organization Howl of a Dog. Minnie is described as “a very gentle and affectionate dog, cuddly, friendly and playful. She just can’t get any sweeter and would make such a great companion and family member.” The lovable pooch is tiny (only 9 kg!) and still young (only three years old!). She’s also microchipped, spayed, and completely vaccinated. In a short amount of time, Minnie went from being covered in fleas and ticks, and suffering from a serious case of endometritis (a uterine condition in unspayed female dogs that could lead to pyometra, a potentially fatal infection), to being completely rejuvenated. Seeing the fear in her eyes fade away as she becomes a happy, healthy dog is uplifting to see. All that’s left is for Minnie to find her forever home. To adopt Minnie, email Howl of a Dog. (They facilitate international adoptions!) And watch Minnie’s amazing transformation by watching the video below:

Adorable Little Dog Rescued From Streets - Watch Her Amazing Transformation! (VIDEO)

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