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Adorable Kitten Loves Nose Tickles (VIDEO)

Not all cats react well to a human touching their nose and shouting “Boop!” But hey, there are exceptions to just about every rule of cuteness.

Case in point, this kitten. The little feline appears to love getting tickled on the nose, curling up and stretching out with each “boop!” on the nose. It’s the kind of video that makes me desperately wish I weren’t allergic to cats. I mean, look at this freaking kitten! Too precious.

Watch the adorable video below:

Source: Too much cuteness: Kitten reacts to nose tickle by calpa on Rumble

Adorable Kitten Loves Nose Tickles - Too Precious! (VIDEO)

Cats have a bad rap for being cynical creatures, but seriously, this kitty is filled with such a child-like sense of wonder over something as simple as a human finger. I love it!

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