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Adorable Kitten Gets Piggyback Ride from Confused Dog (VIDEO)

There’s nothing quite like having your own noble steed! Granted, that’s supposed to be the case for humans, not so much for kittens. But hey, something being for humans hasn’t exactly stopped cats before, so it’s no real surprise to find a kitten trying to turn a dog into a horse, of sorts.

In this video, a confused dog finds himself unwittingly giving a piggyback ride to an adorable kitten. The puzzled pooch tries his damndest to get the kitty off his back, resulting in a clip that’s as funny as it is cute, provided confused dogs and tenacious cats are your thing. If nothing else, this kitten has a future as the winner of a mechanical bull-riding contest. Watch the video below:

Adorable Kitten Gets Piggyback Ride from Confused Dog (VIDEO)

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