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Adorable Husky Undergoes Water Therapy for Injured Legs (VIDEO)

Huskies are resilient dogs, and the owners who love them will do anything to see their precious pals back in good health when something goes wrong. We learn as much in this video, in which we meet an old husky named Kane, whose back legs stopped working. Unfortunately, he’s too old to undergo the surgery he needs in order to restore function to his legs, and while meds help with the pain, they don’t help his legs regain their power. So Kane’s owner came up with a solution that proved to be miraculous.

In this video, Kane the Husky undergoes water therapy for his injured legs, and the recovery is really something to behold. According to the video description, “In the pool he is weightless and has no pressure causing pain in his back legs. its such a relief to know that while we’re swimming Kane isn’t hurting. Only a couple days after Pool Therapy Kane was up and on his feet again. With a little help… and sometimes he even does it all by himself.” While Kane is an old dog, his owner is doing his best to make sure his canine pal lives in comfort for whatever remains of his time here, as the description goes on to state, “We’re not sure how long Kane will be here, but as long as he is I’m going to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible. Every day he tells me how much he appreciates it!” Watch the adorable, emotional video below:

Adorable Husky Undergoes Water Therapy for Injured Legs (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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