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Adorable Husky Takes World’s Cutest Shower (VIDEO)

We’ve chronicled plenty of dogs in the past who hate taking a bath. Hell, some of them have even been huskies! But this time, we’re profiling a dog who loves getting clean. And…yup, you guessed it. The dog is a husky!

In this video, an adorable husky enjoys the world’s cutest shower. What makes it so cute is that the husky, Luke, basically fights the water! He tries biting it, he tries swallowing it, he tries biting it again. Then he lays down while his owner rubs soap on him, looking as happy and relaxed as any dog we’ve ever seen! It’s just so unbelievably cute. I love huskies! Watch the video below:

Adorable Husky Takes World's Cutest Shower (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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