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Adorable Husky Pups Want to Feed, But Mama Just Wants a Break (VIDEO)

What happens when adorable husky pups want to be fed again? Well, you’d think we’d get a video of cute dogs suckling at mama’s teat. But expectations and reality are two very different things.

In this video, a litter of precious husky pups nag their mother to feed them again, because apparently some kids never stop being hungry. But mama is just not having it. Like, any of it. At all. In fact, her stubbornness is its own kind of adorable. I mean, come on, mama just needs a break! Can’t a mom have a moment to herself?! The mama eventually manages to get a break, and the energetic pups wander off to play, and wear themselves out until it’s feeding time again. But how much longer are they going to have to wait for dinner?! Maybe they should rename that board game Hungry Hungry Huskies. Watch the video below:

Adorable Husky Pups Want to Feed Again, But Mama Just Wants a Break (VIDEO)

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