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Adorable Husky Puppy Whines When Called a Crybaby (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine anybody likes being reprimanded, and this is especially the case with puppies. In particular, this adorable husky puppy doesn’t like being called a crybaby.

In this video, we meet a precious husky puppy named Tundra. She’s a temperamental gal, but mostly because her feelings are easily hurt. Case in point, when her owner calls her a crybaby, Tundra pretty much loses it. She’s like a little kid in this video, both defiant and super cute at the same time. I would imagine there are plenty of dog owners around the world who could identify with the owner, since I don’t think an emotional dog like Tundra is that rare. But still, one would think dogs don’t normally get this twisted over hurt feelings. Ah well, I love huskies, and Tundra is one of the cutest. You can watch the full video below:

Adorable Husky Puppy Whines When Called a Crybaby (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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