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Adorable Husky Puppy Says ‘Banana’ Like He’s Part-Minion (VIDEO)

If the popularity of Minions has taught me anything, it’s that the little creatures love bananas, and they frequently say the word as some sort of craving call. But it looks like Minions aren’t the only cute little creatures capable of saying the word.

In this video, an adorable husky puppy says “banana” like he’s part-Minion or something. The dog also says other words that, at least to me, sound indecipherable. But the video description makes a point of turning this into a game, to see if careful listeners can make out what he’s saying. Can you? Ah well, whether you can or not, this is still a super cute video worth checking out. You can watch the whole thing below:

Adorable Husky Puppy Says 'Banana' Like He's Part-Minion (VIDEO)

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