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Adorable Husky Puppy Gets Into Argument With Owner! (VIDEO)

Huskies can be a chatty bunch, and that’s never more evident than it is here, with an adorable husky puppy named Sky.

In this video, Sky gets into an argument with her owner, who isn’t having any of her sass. It’s hilarious to see how persistent she is, even when her owner (jokingly) gets closer and closer to the end of his patience with her. Her response, which basically involves sticking her own foot in her mouth, is kind of a metaphor for the entire argument in the first place. Hell, it’s a metaphor for just about any argument between loved ones. Because isn’t that how a lot of arguments begin and end? With somebody putting their foot in their mouth? Watch the adorable, hilarious video below:

Adorable Husky Puppy Gets Into Argument With Owner! (VIDEO)

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