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Adorable Husky Is Little Girl’s Best Friend (VIDEO)

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and it’s kind of amazing how much they indulge us, especially during times where we’re probably getting on their nerves. We have a little girl here who won’t stop bugging the family husky, but the dog remains cool, calm and collected throughout.

In this video, we meet a little girl named Madison, who is just obsessed with her family’s husky. However, the husky seems totally over it, as if this is something he has to deal with another tiny human wanting to touch him. Of course, I think it speaks both to the dog’s training, as well as the dog’s affection for this little girl, that he doesn’t put up a fuss. After all, all Madison really wants is to just hug and kiss the precious pooch. Watch the video below:

Adorable Husky Is Little Girl's Best Friend (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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