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Adorable Husky Gets Groomed, Becomes World’s Biggest Crybaby (VIDEO)

What happens when a husky gets groomed? In this particular instance, he becomes the world’s biggest crybaby!

In this video, we meet an adorable husky named Thunder. Every single time he’s given a bath or gets groomed, Thunder howls bloody murder for the entire neighborhood to hear. His owner admits that the neighbors think he’s being tortured! What’s especially silly about all this is that he apparently really likes the dog groomer, Rita. He even gets excited when he sees her. But once bath time is under way, you’d never know this dog had ever been happy before in his life, from the sort of hissy fit he throws. I guess some dogs just don’t enjoy getting clean! Still, Thunder is super cute, so we’d understand if his owners cut him some slack from time to time. Watch the precious video below:

Adorable Husky Gets Groomed, Becomes World's Biggest Crybaby (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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