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Adorable Husky Becomes Impromptu Bed for Sleepy Cat (VIDEO)

What happens when a cat is sleepy? He or she finds the nearest fluffy, comfortable place, and settles in for a good nap! But what happens if that comfy place is on top of man’s best friend?

In this video, an adorable husky named Maeby gets a massage from a cat named Farina, in exchange for Maeby letting Farina sleep on top of her! It’s kind of crazy how quickly Farina goes from testing to see how much Maeby will tolerate, to just straight-up taking a nap on the precious pooch. But that’s what’s cute about it. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and friendships have all kinds of different arrangements. Just so happens, this is one of them. “You scratch my back, I let you sleep on top of me.” Sounds perfectly fair, no? Anyway, this is a funny little video, and definitely worth checking out. You can watch the full video below:

Adorable Husky Becomes Impromptu Bed for Sleepy Cat (VIDEO)

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