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Adorable Horse Interrupts Greek Reporter (VIDEO)

Doing the news can be tough, especially if you’re constantly being interrupted. But normally, interruptions tend to come in the form of annoying people shouting things in the background or mugging for the camera. In this case, however, the interruption comes from a horse!

In this video, a Greek reporter is interrupted during his news segment by an adorable horse who just can’t seem to get enough of the guy. Whether rubbing his face on the guy’s shirt, sniffing his head, or licking his ear, this horse wants attention, and he won’t stop until the reporter notices him. But the man takes it in good humor, even while they have to go through several takes to get their segment done. If only all interruptions in life could be this cute. Watch the video below:

Adorable Horse Interrupts Greek Reporter (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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