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Adorable Golden Retriever Just Wants Her Teddy Bear Back (VIDEO)

Every dog has his or her favorite toy. Whether it’s a chew toy, a squeaky toy, a Frisbee, a ball, or even a teddy bear. Dogs just love to play, and they love their comfort items every bit as much as a little kid. Which is why it can be so frustrating for a dog when she’s separated from the toy she loves.

This adorable Golden Retriever really wants nothing more than to have her teddy bear back. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found. The dog’s owners decided to set up cameras to capture the dog’s endearing hunt for her favorite toy. The result? A hunt into the drying machine that ends in a wagging tail! I absolutely LOVE this, even as short as it is. This is the perfect little video for a bad case of the Mondays. Watch the full clip below:

Adorable Golden Retriever Just Wants Her Teddy Bear Back (VIDEO)

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