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Adorable ‘Funny Dogs Dressing Up’ Compilation Is Hilarious! (VIDEO)

Some owners like to dress up their dogs, but not a whole lot of dogs appear to like getting dressed up, particularly when their owners go a bit overboard with it. Then again, for every dog that hates getting dressed up, there’s a dog that doesn’t really seem to mind that much.

This video is a mixture of bliss and bemusement, as some dogs pridefully strut their stuff, while others just have a look on their face that screams, “Really? You’re making me wear THIS? Sigh.” Oh, and there are also dogs who are deeply confused about what they’re wearing, and how this whole “clothing” / “shoes” thing is supposed to work. Ultimately, it’s a funny way to kick off your week, particularly on a slow Monday. Watch the full video below:

Adorable 'Funny Dogs Dressing Up' Compilation Is Hilarious! (VIDEO)

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