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Adorable English Bulldog Puppies Walk For the First Time (VIDEO)

A young one’s first steps can be incredibly sweet. It’s why so many videos preserve a baby’s first steps for posterity. But what about English Bulldog puppies?

In this video, we see what happens when English Bulldog puppies try to walk for the first time. It’s exactly as cute as you’d think it would be, as these little ones struggle to remain upright, and generally just crawl across the floor like a little wind up toy. Except these aren’t toys or stuffed animals at all. These adorable little guys are the real deal, and they’re downright precious. The brown one seems to have no trouble walking, but the all-white puppy basically drags himself across the floor, showing a certain level of grit and determination. No wonder the owner wanted to get this on camera. Watch the super cute video below:

Adorable English Bulldog Puppies Walk For the First Time (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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