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Adorable Dogs Love Playing in Leaves – So Cute! (VIDEO)

Fall may be in the past, but leaves still litter the ground in most parts of the country. And where there are leaves, there are dogs looking to play!

In this flashback to the fall, Maymo and Penny are a pair of adorable dogs who not only love seeing the leaves change color, they love playing in the leaves once they fall. It’s illustrated through this time lapse video, showing the dogs watching the leaves change color, before showing them frolic afterwards. It’s so outrageously cute that it makes me wish fall came around more than just once a year (seriously, autumn is my favorite of the four seasons by a pretty wide margin). It’s the cure for the common Monday! The holidays may be over for another year, but our weekly allotment of cute dog videos is only just beginning for the final week of 2015! Watch the full video below:

Adorable Dogs Love Playing in Leaves - So Cute! (VIDEO)

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