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Adorable Dogs Become World’s Cutest Family Photographers (VIDEO)

What if your family dog became your family photographer? That’s the question that this adorable, heart-melting video from Mars Japan Limited looks to answer, as three separate dogs are brought in to photograph their families as part of a short film to spread awareness for “Smile Day,” which recently occurred on February 5. But just because the holiday came and went doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate!

Among the adorable dogs stepping up to play the part of family photographer are a toy poodle named Otome, a border collie named Selene, and a miniature dachshund named Falcon and their owners are the main characters. What’s beautiful about this is how the families each reminisce about their pets, showing off photos on their smartphones and generally just gushing about what an integral part these pets are for the family, only for the dogs to then be led in to serve as their “phoDOGrapher”. It’s absolutely beautiful and emotional and every other adjective that can help fight off a severe case of the Mondays. You can watch the full video below:

Adorable Dogs Become World's Cutest Family Photographers (VIDEO)

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