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Adorable Doggy Bath Time Compilation Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Some dogs love baths. Some dogs hate baths. Some land somewhere in the middle, possessing a certain curiosity about water. The entire range of responses is documented in this ridiculous, hilarious compilation.

In this video, we get to see first-hand that doggy bath time is not just adorable, it can be funny. Hell, it can also be combative, since we see more than our fair share of owners who have to actively wrestle their dogs into the bath tub. It’s kind of insane, to be honest. Some dogs just REALLY hate getting wet, it seems. That said, there are plenty of precious pooches in this video who love bath time, including an old friend from a past video. It’s a cute and funny way to spend a portion of your day. Watch the video below:

Adorable Doggy Bath Time Compilation Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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