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Adorable Dog Retrieves His Boy, Makes Fetch Happen! (VIDEO)

Dogs love playing fetch! Whether it’s fetching a stick, a ball, the newspaper, or even groceries (link below), a dog loves making fetch happen! In fact, this just might be the cutest game of fetch we’ve ever seen!

In this adorable video, a little boy sits on his scooter car while his father pushes him across the kitchen floor. Almost immediately, the family dog springs into action, retrieving his boy and bringing him right back to the dad. It’s a precious video, and it apparently has the boy’s family laughing uproariously. And I can’t say I blame them, considering how eager this little pooch is during his fetch quest. Needless to say, it’s heartening to finally see someone make fetch happen. Watch the full video below:

Adorable Dog Retrieves His Boy, Makes Fetch Happen (VIDEO)

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