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Adorable Dog Is (Literally) Head Over Heels for His New Ball (VIDEO)

It can be very exciting when a dog gets a new toy. There’s a frantic sense of energy, as a dog tries to figure out how the new toy is used, and what’s the best way to play with it. But then, some dogs figure the best way to play with a toy is to basically just throw themselves at it.

Case in point, this adorable dog. When he gets a new, red ball, he chases after it with exuberance…only to go too fast and end up flipping over it! Seriously, I heard of falling “head over heels” for something, but this is taking things too literally! My heart was in my throat, watching him soar through the air like that! But he appears to be okay. In fact, he looks as excited as ever, running around the park and chasing after the ball like the world’s happiest dog. Still, I hope he was taken to the vet for a checkup, to be safe! Watch the (surprisingly) heart-racing video below:

Adorable Dog Is (Literally) Head Over Heels for His New Ball (VIDEO)

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