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Adorable Dog Flips Out For His Favorite Movie – So Cute! (VIDEO)

People love movies, but that doesn’t mean dogs can’t too. In fact, some dogs go absolutely ballistic for their favorite movie, in ways few humans ever really do, beyond repeat viewings on DVD and/or Netflix.

For proof, look no further than this adorable dog, who completely flips out over his favorite movie, Disney’s Bolt! In a lot of ways, it makes sense that a dog’s favorite movie would be about a dog who starred on a TV show, since this dog right here is fast becoming a star in his own right. Seriously, Stryker is one of the cutest canines we’ve seen in some time, and his enthusiasm is utterly infectious! Of course, the watermark on the movie implies this is either a pirated copy, or Stryker’s owner is someone in the industry who still has his awards consideration print (and hey, Bolt DID get nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar!), but that’s neither here nor there, I suppose, since Stryker gets stoked no matter how the movie was acquired. Anyway, get your daily dose of happy by watching the full video below:

Adorable Dog Flips Out For His Favorite Movie - So Cute! (VIDEO)

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